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Bainitic Process

Austempering (properly referred to as the bainitic hardening process) improves the properties of the components in terms of spring characteristics through a refined microstructure, i.e. longer service life and more stable spring strength.

The special feature of this process is the smaller difference between the furnace and the annealing temperature. Thus, a highly refined microstructure is formed in the hardened material and this then causes improvement in elasticity by significantly reducing the percentage of martensite. Applicable for demanding and spring-stable products, such as components for steering mechanisms with a high level of stress duration.

Advantages of Austempering:

  • significantly lower hardening distortion of the part
  • longer service life at high values
  • smooth surface (no oxidation residues)

At OTRA, the bainitic hardening process is continuously optimised in order to always better meet the customer’s needs.